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Pending (Signature Requests)

Any document that has a signature pending, is a pending document

So you have imported your first document and are now ready to get your hands dirty with signatures. Here is how you get started.

What is a Signature Request?

With SignEasy, you can request your customers or users to fill and sign on any document that you have imported (Read more about importing files here).

You can also add fields to the document to guide the document recipients to fill and sign the document the way you want. SignEasy ensures that your document recipients (signers) will be guided through the document pages to fill and sign at the appropriate places.

You can mark certain fields as required and the document signers will not be able to complete signing until they fill in those fields. You can save original documents with fields as a template so that you can re-use them for sending out signature requests on multiple occasions. You can read more about templates here.

Through the rest of this documentation, pending files and signature requests will be used interchangeably.

Creating a Signature Request

Once you have identified a document to have filled and signed by your users (or customers or stakeholders), you can initiate a signature request using the Pending File API.

You will need the original_file_id of the document in question, email & names of your document signers ready. Once the signature request is sent out, you will receive a pending_file_id in the API response which can be used to track the status of that signature request.

The document in the original format will continue to live as an Original, in your account. You can reuse these original documents to send as many signature requests as you want and each request comes with its own ID, which is the pending_file_id.

Signature Request Status

A signature request in the pending stage goes through a series of status changes, indicating the state of completion of the document by its signers.

The current state of the signature request is mentioned in the Pending File API response, as the status of the pending file.

A signature request can have the following statuses.



The signature request is yet to be signed by all signers.


The user voided the signature request. Only the initiator (owner) of the document can void the signature request.


One of the recipients declined to sign the document. None of the other document recipients will be allowed to sign the document in this case and the signature request is effectively voided.


All the recipients have filled and signed the document. Upon completion, a new completed document is added in the initiator's account which is the final signed and completed document by all recipients.

Recipient Status

Similar to the pending file document (or signature request) status, you have similar statuses for each the recipient. This is useful information if you would like to perform actions based on the activity of the users on your document. E.g., you can trigger reminders to recipients who have viewed the document but haven't signed it yet.

If a signature request was declined by a recipient, this status indicates who was the recipient who declined the document as well.

Here are the different recipient statuses.



The recipient hasn't viewed the document yet.


The recipient has viewed the document.


The recipient declined to sign the document. The signature request cannot be signed by the other recipients at this stage.


The recipient signed the document.

Signature Request Completion

Once all the document recipients have filled, signed and finalized the document, all the parties involved (initiator, recipients, CC recipients) receive the final signed and completed document along with the audit trail.

A new Completed Document is added to the initiator's SignEasy account as well. This is a new document has its own ID, which is different from the pending file ID. The API response does contain a reference to the pending file that the completed document originated from.

The pending file ceases to show up in the file list, and in the API responses as well.

Here is a diagram depicting the transitions. Each of these documents are independent entities and are not the same.

Document transitions in SignEasy

Document transitions in SignEasy

What's Next

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Pending (Signature Requests)

Any document that has a signature pending, is a pending document

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